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Despite everevolving definitions, the concept of the third world serves to identify countries that suffer from high infant mortality, low economic development, high levels of poverty, low utilization of natural resources, and heavy dependence on industrialized nations.

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Since 2008, says the World Bank, they have contributed almost all of what economic growth there has been.Next in International X WikiLeaks Wiki Gaga No technology can protect whistle-blowers from themselves.A step away from the bomb Sanctions against Iran are far from perfect.

What does 'third-world' in 'third-world countries' mean?

Art squared The venerated Portuguese tradition of azulejos is well worth a visit.After World War II the world split into two large geopolitical blocs and spheres.The class of 2010 The most promising of those matriculating this year.In the cloistered world of health care, there exists a curious term that pops up quietly among those who treat patients for a living.War II, with more or less common political and economic interests: North America.The salient feature of the third world was that it wanted economic and political clout.

The economic mainstream has moved and it is no longer possible to distinguish between third and first worlds on the basis of economic policy.Test your knowledge of words related to the season of longer days and vacations.Spivvy The rescue fund has at last been set up but bond markets are still nervy.The Center for Third World Organizing (CTWO, pronounced C-2) was initially a training and resource center for community organizers of color engaging in direct action.Passenger manifest How two travellers were changed by a crisis.

People from the surrounding small settlements were rehoused in hastily built houses and modern fishing practices were introduced.Trade between developing countries, and between them and the BRICs, is rising twice as fast as world trade.

Amar Bhattacharya, the head of the Group of 24 (a body of poorer countries), argues that the first world depends at least as much on the third as vice versa because the large and growing contribution to global demand and high returns in poorer countries are indispensable to rich ones in their attempts to return to growth and reduce debt.The First World is a term associated with already developed countries and their citizens.

So why is the term still used today despite the end of the first Cold War.There is only one world: a world with billions of people and superficially drawn borders that have overtime come to divide and define us.Nations like people, take on a different mentality based on the way they perceive themselves, or the way they believe others perceive them.

Since the second one imploded in 1989, it seems past time to put to rest the nebulous and sometimes toxic third-world concept.Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey and Peru have all had their credit ratings upgraded this year.

Is The Use Of 'third World' Rude/derogatory

Nor are emerging markets as dependent on aid from the West as they used to be.This year, the share will be 43.4%. The map above shows how the world would look if country size were adjusted in line with the projected GDPs of countries by 2015.Furthermore, these terms are not concrete, whereas quantitative data, such as infant mortality rates, provide a more solid basis for comparison.

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