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Bennett and Holloway (2004a) found evidence from governments reports and newspapers to suggest that gangs in the UK and the number of gang members where increasing.Two prominent themes have been established through the thematic analysis of the song lyrics.The sections in this chapter are in relation to themes that emerged from the systematic review of the literature.Get help with your Vancouver referencing with our free online tool.Miranda and Claes (2009) researched the possible link between preference of rap music and deviant behaviours such as, drug use, violence and street gang involvement amongst French - Canadian adolescents.

In order to establish if the hip hop culture has an influence on the behaviour of young males in gangs, a qualitative content analysis has been conducted on the type of hip hop music youth gang members might listen to.Research paper on gangs - Leave your papers to the most talented writers.

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These shootings also attracted the media attention, the American style drive by shootings suggested to the public that UK gangs where indeed becoming a lot more like the American gangs.There is also no need to consider data protection or storage, due to the fact that the research studies and reports have been published and are available to the public.Different literature such as books, journals, government reports, newspaper articles and research studies will be examined and reviewed in order to view the current state of gang culture and violence in the UK.The American based motorcycle gangs use their network to spread criminal activity overseas.The potato had to make its way from its native South America to Europe in the 1500s, before.The social identity theory by Tajifal and Turner (1986) looks at the identity of the gangs as opposed to the individual member within the gang.

The benefits of drug dealing must outweigh the cost of getting caught or even worse being attacked.Lammy (2008) suggests that young males are at risk of developing terrible attitudes towards violence, money and sex during their adolescence and this will be blamed on the hip hop artists, especially by the media.The following issues will be discussed in order to examine relevant literature on the study.The average age of gang members starts out very young, as young as 17 year of age.Also OMG have organized units throughout Europe, Australia, South America and Africa, and they export from the crime group.Gang Violence Gangs are becoming a growing problem in American society.Some researchers believed that most young people were more likely to carry violent weapons due to the fear of being attacked by other young individuals or just because they believed that carrying a violent weapon made them look cool. (Lemos: 2004).

In Deuchers (2008) study of marginalised youths and gangs in Glasgow, evidence suggested that some of the interviewed gang members had a desire to join gangs so they could acquire respect from other members within the gang.For example the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) stated that it was difficult to determine the proportion of crime that contributed to gangs, because the agreed definition of gangs on the data base was non-existent (2007:14).The secondary data has been used with caution and all literature used are from trustworthy sources.Evidence suggests that gang members tend to me male, involved in drug taking and supplying, more likely to carry weapons and are criminally active (Bennett and Holloway, 2004a).Be it with, bandanas, special handshakes, flags, colors, tattoos, or logos.According to Hogg and Abram (1988) this method of examining the social identity of the gangs provides a shared representation of how the members within it should behave and this will therefore show the identity that the group portrays to others.Some of the psychological reasons for young people joining gangs are believed to be because they have a desire for money, to gain status and respect from other gang members and the feeling of being protected and having a connection within the gang membership.Due to this research being formulated through an analysis of research and theory, an interpretivist epistemological position has been conducted.

They originated in California and spread all over the United States.

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Recently the media reported two incidents that allegedly occurred with five hours.

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There is documented evidence in federal court that these gangs have become organized crime equal to the Mafia.Due to the hip hop culture originating from America, this research will focus on songs from the US and UK as it is believed that young people in the UK imitate the American culture.The media do have appoint in blaming t hip hop artists for influencing young males, for example Giggs (appendix 2) brags about 2sporting Armani2 in his lyrics, also making reference to having a variety of women and being able to choose from a variety of weapons.For instance, it was stated gang related homicides increased nearly 5 times from 1987 to 1994.

Previously the use of violence was seen to be a masculine trait, but recently research has found that there has been an increase in the use of violence amongst females.Gangs, Free Study Guides and book notes including comprehensive chapter analysis, complete summary analysis, author biography information, character profiles, theme.

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Subculture theorists in America have largely focused on the study of youth groups and gangs for almost over a century.And the theory of differential association (Sutherland and Cresseys, 1970).Firstly the song lyrics will be discussed ion relation to the themes that have been highlighted through the thematic analysis.Our Marking Service will help you pick out the areas of your work that need improvement.Other jobs that the women might have are massage parlors, topless bars, cocktail lounges and strip clubs.

In some neighborhoods where less police protection is offered, gangs formed to protect their neighborhood against other neighborhoods.Heale (2008:13) noted that youth gangs have been frequently highlighted in the media.The research design of this study discusses the literature in the form of a systematic review.Wood and Alleyne (2009) found evidence that gang membership gives young people a chance to acquire powerful status amongst their friends, opportunity for excitement especially if they live a boring life.

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Academics believe that the media solely focuses on the dramatic consequences of gang violence, instead of how it can be prevented and tackled (Fitch, 2009: 2).Majority of these theories discussed in this chapter originated from America.As this could enable them or it could be a starting point for them to limit gang violence.Gangs Essays: Over 180,000 Gangs Essays, Gangs Term Papers, Gangs Research Paper, Book Reports. 184 990 ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access.As the law enforcements actions grew stronger the gang members hired attorneys to fight federal prosecutors and multi-agency task forces.