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Honors English II Essay Questions for Night by Elie Wiesel Directions: In paragraph form, you need to answer THREE of the.Wiesel made spirituality inherent to all activities and initiated the study of the Zohar, and advanced Jewish text, by himself with the help of Moche the Beadle.Even it meant being killed or beaten, Elie should have tried loudly and boldly to speak of the horrors of the holocaust.

It would be hard to exaggerate the horror of the Holocaust, in which six million Jews died as a deliberate act of policy on the part of the Nazis.Emotional death can easily allow the reader to understand how terrible the holocaust was and its horrors. Mrs. Schachter had lost her mind, crying and screaming hysterically.Night Questions and Answers. Night. Questions and Answers Tags answers, elie, night, questions, wiesel.He tried his best not to lose sight of what was important to him, family.The book ends as Eliezer recovers from food poisoning in the hospital at Buchenwald after the camp has been liberated.

Elie did love his father but to continuously help and care for his father made it harder for him to ensure his own survival.

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Wiesel thanked God for the little things that helped him because he wanted a sense of protection and clung to the belief that God watched over them and helped them survive the challenges he faced.

And the book ends not with the Job-figure of Eliezer restored to happiness (as Job is in the Bible), but with an image of Eliezer staring into his own eyes in the mirror.His eyes show that he is overwhelmed by fear and horror and that he might have lost all hope.

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It is an image of despairing silence, and silence has been a prominent theme throughout the book.How do the people Wiesel interacts with strengthen or diminish his hope and desire to live.Clearly state what essay question you are answering. Essay Questions for Night by Elie Wiesel Author: Hilary Smith Last modified by: Hilary Smith Created Date.Night is a very short book, a little more than one hundred pages in length.UKEssays Essays English Literature Elie Wiesels Relationship With God In Night English Literature Essay.

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He must seek his own answers to his condition, for none will be forthcoming from God.

Nighttime would come every day and the Jews would be afraid if they would live to go through the night and what would happen to them in the next hour.This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.He could have been killed, beaten, and hurt in the concentration camps just for expressing his thoughts.An SS officer had not allowed Juliek to play what he had wanted, Beethoven.Night by elie wiesel essay. but perhaps to establish used by the show to symbolize factors to his or her elie flock.There is only a struggle for survival in which kindness and human warmth have no place.

After his liberation, Elie wrote little but what he wrote had very great meanings.One point that Elie put a great amount of stress on in Night, is the fact that while in this camp he felt like God was nonexistent.But in Night, instead of the voice of God in the whirlwind, there is silence.The day of his death, although not allowed, he played Beethoven, showing his dignity.