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First the boys then the girls curled up on the floor to make the letter C. Mrs. Rushing took pictures of the students and displayed them on the Smart Board. Next, Mrs.After each child had their turn, the class had a big leaf fight.I went over each beginning letter blend, demonstrated the sound each make and provided several examples for each letter blend for the students.

I repeated this process until each student in the class had a chance to participate.The boy who built the car then politely taught another student how to build the car when he was asked.Some of the students had obviously had plenty of practice coloring at home.I decided to differentiate when teaching the class by implementing four different stations in the classroom.Why Should We Use Classroom Observation: 3 Embracing the logic of this framework, educational leaders need to take an active role in defining, assessing, and support-.Important concept presented in the Journal with an illustration and.Classroom Observation Overview Of International Students English Language Essay.Undergraduate and Graduate faith-based degree programs in Lisle, IL.

When the fire drill ended we went back to the classroom. Mrs. McClellen then read the class a story about a fire station.Before this, she was a registered nurse for the Vermilion Parish.Half of the class were Native Americans adn the other half were Pilgrams. Mrs. McClellen handed out Native American bands with feathers for the Native Americans and all the Pilgram girls got a bonnet and the boys wore Pilgram hats.The following ROCPs did not submit Classroom Observations and are not represented in this report:.

Each child had a name card and seperate letters of their name.

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I honestly had little knowledge of inclusion classrooms, and any information I had obtained was through literature or discussion with fellow classmates.I was unaware that inclusion classes were instructed by 2 teachers, but shortly into my observation I realized why.Should a student need additional tutorial assistance due to performing below grade level she would set up a schedule to make those accommodations.For my classroom observations, I went to Westfield Community School and Jacobs High School.Should a student finish their work ahead of everyone they are to get additional work out of the remediation box.

I observed that their motor skills are still being developed and that cutting along a line is a difficult task for them.

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Once we finished, I answered any questions or concerns the student had.Most students could only name two or three letters within their name.The class came back inside and read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, to emphasize C again.The joy this activity brought the children was very exciting to see.

I held up picture flashcards that had different objects on them.Then the students went to the gym. Mrs. McClellen played music for the students and some of the girls danced and sang along.

Although this activty was meant to be for fun, the students did learn a lesson about the seasons.

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INTRODUCTION Marta, a dark-haired girl with large brown eyes, is seated in a small-group Spanish language class with the teacher and.

I then explained to the students that I was going to be teaching them beginning letter blends.

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She did this for several other pictures but only spent a few minutes doing this activity.McClellen told me that she was not sure if this group was going to be able to do the play for the parents because it was difficult for some students.

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